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Reflective Teal Vinyl – Limited Quantities!


We recently had a custom order for a set of large decals in reflective teal/turquoise. I knew it existed, but I also knew it was a discontinued color. I found a source that still had some, and ordered twice what I needed, just in case. Everything worked out fine, which means we have a small amount of leftover teal/turquoise reflective vinyl.


We are having a sale on the rest of the reflective teal/turquoise. Order any of our decals in any regular color, and let us know you would like us to make them in the reflective teal/turquoise in the Order Notes section when checking out. We will upgrade your order to the reflective teal/turquoise for no extra charge.


If you would like one of our reflective decals, or reflective decal sets, in the teal/turquoise, use the coupon code reflectiveteal15. It will give you 15% off those items, and we will ship your order in the reflective teal/turquoise.


As I mentioned previously, this is a discontinued color, and I don't expect I will be ordering it again. The sale will end when we run out of the reflective teal/turquoise vinyl.


(PMS 3285C seems to be a good color match)