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This Week at Seward Street – Jan 12

1258 Seward Street Studios Hamsa Vinyl Decal
1258 Hamsa

This week has finally turned into winter.  Here in the Midwest, it was a warm fall-like temperature all the way through December.  Then bam! We get a big snow storm in Jan, and it's been bitter cold ever since.   To make things even more exiting, our furnace decided this was the time to stop working properly.  It wasn't a complicated or expensive fix, but we were quite chilly for a couple days!

Another 11 retired designs have been added back into our Etsy shop. As of this writing, at 591 designs, we are very close to hitting our goal of 600 designs on Etsy. And we added another 4 new designs to our web site.

The cool customer order this week is our Hamsa design in black reflective vinyl. This was another design that was originally a customer  request.  I always enjoy coming up with my own versions of classic designs. We get a lot of good ideas from our customers, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us with custom requests!

The current special for our Shiny VIP's is 15% off our Fantasy Decals.  If you are one of our VIP's check your email for the discount code, it was sent out to you on January 8.  If you want to be notified of our upcoming sales, please sign up for our Shiny VIP mailing list!

New Additions
We have added 4 new designs this week, the Shield Maiden Symbol, a fun Ukulele design, a running Spiral Hare, and a classic Jolly Roger

1309 Seward Street Studios Shield maiden Vinyl Decal. Shown on a sky background
1309 Shield Maiden
1307 Seward Street Studios Ukulele Vinyl Decal. Shown on a record background
1307  Ukulele
1306 Seward Street Studios Spiral Hare Vinyl Decal. Shown on a forest background
1306 Spiral Hare
688 Seward Street Studios Jolly Roger Vinyl Decal. Shown on a blue car
688 Jolly Roger



Tomorrow, Jan 13, is National Sticker Day.  We are having a one-day, 10% off sale on our entire web site.  This is open to anyone!

This Saturday, January 15, we will be sending out a coupon code for 15% off all our Flame Decals.  The sale will run from Jan 15- Jan 22.  To get the discount code, you need to be a SHINY VIP! If you Join today you will receive a code for a 15% discount good at any time, and you will be on the list to receive next week's discount code!



Every design on our web site is available in
Genuine 3M Retro-Reflective Vinyl
No matter your style, you can add reflective safety to your gear!

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