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This Week at Seward Street – Jan 5

987 Seward Street Studios Lady Skulls vinyl decal set shown in reflective gold vinyl
987 Lady Skulls Set

Happy New Year everyone! We all hope you had  a great holiday!  Here is what happened this past week.

Another 24 retired designs have been added back into our Etsy shop, and there are another 4 new additions to our web site.

I spent a chunk of time this week figuring out how to make all our social media talk to each other, along with and  If you would like to follow us, here are the links to our Instagram and our Facebook.

I made the best pot of chicken soup from rotisserie chicken leftovers. We are going to be enjoying it for days!

The cool customer order this week is our Reflective Lady Skulls Set in gold reflective vinyl.  One of our very first sets was our 5 Skull Set, but sometime later we had a request for something similar, but more feminine.  This was the result, and it has been a popular seller ever since!  We get a lot of good ideas from our customers, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us with custom requests!

The current special for our Shiny VIP's is 22% off our entire site.  If you are one of our VIP's check your email for the discount code, it was sent out to you on January 1.  If you want to be notified of our upcoming sales, please sign up for our Shiny VIP mailing list!

New Additions
We have added 4 new designs this week, an Anubis, a cute Toucan, some Reflective Steampunk Gears, and Brains!

725 Seward Street Studios Anubis decal shown on a red tablet
725  Anubis
945 Seward Street Studios Toucan decal shown on a purple tablet
945 Toucan
699 Seward Street Studios Reflective Gears Decal Set shown on a purple helmet
699 Reflective Gears Set
1037 Seward Street Studios Brains Vinyl Decal. Shown on a space background
1037 Brains



This Saturday, January 8, we will be sending out a coupon code for 15% off all our Fantasy Decals.  The sale will run from Jan 8- Jan 14.  To get the discount code, you need to be a SHINY VIP! If you Join today you will receive a code for a 15% discount good at any time, and you will be on the list to receive next week's discount code!



Every design on our web site is available in
Genuine 3M Retro-Reflective Vinyl
No matter your style, you can add reflective safety to your gear!

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