Collapsible Tufting Frame Instructions

This is a work in progress. Last update 6/6/21 – Detail pages for the corner brackets added.

This link will allow you to download an 8 page PDF you can then print out. The download is free.

If you don’t feel comfortable with downloads, all of the images are on this page, below the Ko-Fi button.

If you would like to make your frame a different size, I have put together a calculator to tell you what sizes the parts need to be. Just enter your desired finished rug size in the boxes and it will calculate the part sizes.

I have also created a couple Tufitng decals, one with just the Tufting Gun and one with the gun that also says Tufting underneath.

I am happy to answer any questions you have. You can reach me through our Contact Form, or send an email to

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