About our Regular Vinyl


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Downloadable PDF showing our Regular Vinyl Decal Color Options

Our regular vinyl is manufactured by either Arlon or Oracal, depending on the color, and is rated for 5-7 years of outdoor use.

To help choose the correct color, we have color matched all of our regular vinyl colors to the Pantone Matching System. If you do not have access to a Pantone Swatch Book, just do a Google Image Search for the PMS number.


Yellow – PMS 129
Orange Yellow – PMS 1235
Orange – PMS 164
Burnt Orange – PMS 1585
Red Orange – PMS 172

Red – PMS 186
Dark Red – PMS 200
Burgundy – PMS 188
Pink – PMS 223
Magenta – PMS Magenta

Light Green – PMS 361
Medium Green – PMS 3415
Dark Green – PMS 343
Mint – PMS 3258
Teal – PMS 3135

Light Blue – PMS 292
Medium Blue – PMS 3005
Dark Blue – PMS 2747
Light Purple – PMS 2655
Dark Purple – PMS Violet

Light Brown – PMS 124
Medium Brown – PMS 153
Dark Brown – PMS 476
Light Gray – PMS 422
Dark Gray – PMS 431

Matte Black


Our Metallic Vinyl has a matte metallic shimmer to it, similar to a worn coin.

Antique Silver
Antique Gold
Antique Copper


Our Chrome Vinyl has a bright mirror finish.

Chrome Red
Chrome Green
Chrome Blue
Chrome Purple
Chrome Silver
Chrome Gold


Color Chart showing our Regular Vinyl Decal Color Options
Color Chart showing our Regular Vinyl Decal Color Options