Vinyl Decal Application Instructions – Iron on

These instructions are also available as a downloadable PDF
Iron-on Decal Full Application Instructions

RECOMMENDED for Cotton, Polyester, Nylon, Lycra/Spandex blends, and Cotton/Poly Blends.
NOT RECOMMENDED on padded materials such as backpack straps, insulated jackets etc. The iron may melt the padding.
• Always test a small area to ensure it is safe to iron the item before proceeding.
• Pre-wash the item before application, to remove manufacturing chemicals, and reduce any shrinking. Do not use fabric softener.

• Application should be done on a hard, flat surface such as a sturdy table or floor. Protect your surface with an ironing mat or towel.
• Set iron to COTTON setting. Let it fully heat up before applying.
• DO NOT USE STEAM. Make sure you have no water and no steam in your iron, it should be completely dry.

• Pre-iron the item just before placing the design. This removes wrinkles and moisture from the application area. DO NOT USE STEAM.
• For multi-piece transfers, cut the pieces apart from the sheet, and plan your arrangement.
• Peel off the white backing paper.
• Place the design with the shiny side up, and the sticky side down.

• Place the included parchment paper over the design. This will protect your iron from the plastic. You can also use kraft paper, or a thin piece of cotton, such as a dishcloth.
• Place the preheated iron on top of the parchment paper, over the design.
• PRESS DOWN HARD on the design for10 seconds.
• Do not slide the iron, sliding can damage the transfer. For larger designs, pick up the iron and press each section, until all areas have been pressed. It is ok to overlap pressed areas.

• Carefully peel off the clear plastic carrier sheet.
• If any of the design lifts off, replace the carrier sheet and parchment paper, and press hard again for 5 seconds.

• After removing the carrier sheet, replace the parchment paper on the design.
• PRESS DOWN HARD for another 10 seconds.
• The transfer is applied correctly when you can see the texture of the fabric through the surface of the transfer.

• For longest life, wait at least 24 hours before washing, and turn garment inside out. Hand wash and line dry is recommended.
• If machine washing, wash warm, tumble dry low. Mild detergent, no bleach. Cool iron if needed.
• If areas of the transfer come up after being washed, re-iron the transfer, following the complete application instructions.