Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir Vinyl Decal


4.25″ wide x 4.50″ high


This Thor’s Hammer Decal is 4-1/4″ wide and 4-1/2″ high.

It is sized to fit perfectly on your laptop or tablet, but you can use this Thor’s Hammer Decal on any smooth hard surface like plastic, metal, or glass.

The Thor’s Hammer Decal is a great way to show off your love for Norse mythology and Thor, the god of thunder. The detailed design of Mjolnir hammer is sure to catch the attention of anyone who sees it. The Thor’s Hammer Decal is a high-quality vinyl decal that can be applied to laptops, cars, and other smooth surfaces. The design features the iconic Mjolnir hammer, associated with the Viking god Thor. The decal measures 4.50 inches in height and 4.25 inches in width.

This is my own design, you won’t find it on any of the other decal sites! I have incorporated a triquetra and stylized Viking dragon head into the handle.

We have a rainbow of different vinyl options you can choose from, and will be happy to cut a custom color Thor’s Hammer Decal just for you! Just choose your color from the drop-down menu.

We have available:

* Regular Automotive Grade Vinyl
* Holographic Glitter Vinyl
* Genuine 3M Retro Reflective Safety Vinyl

Additional information

Vinyl Color Options

White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Magenta, Lavender, Purple, Light Green, Green, Mint, Teal, Light Blue, Blue, Gray, Black, Glitter Rose, Glitter Red, Glitter Orange, Glitter Gold, Glitter Green, Glitter Blue, Glitter Purple, Glitter Silver, Glitter Black, Reflective Red, Reflective Orange, Reflective Yellow, Reflective Gold, Reflective Green, Reflective Blue, Reflective Purple, Reflective White, Reflective Black


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