Tribal Dragon Hyper Reflective Decal Set


1 Dragon and 2 Tribal Decals


The Reflective Tribal Dragon Decal Set comes with 3 decals:

1 Dragon, 3-1/2″ high x 3″ wide
2 Tribal Decorations, 1-1/2″ high x 2-1/4″ wide

It comes on a sheet that is 3-1/2″ high and 5″ wide.

This Reflective Tribal Dragon sticker set is cut from Automotive Grade Reflective Safety Vinyl. This is the same reflective decal material used on police cars and fire trucks.

The Hyper Reflective Tribal Dragon Decal Set is available in 9 colors! Just choose your color from the dropdown menu!

You are not limited to using this hyper reflective Tribal Dragon Set on just helmets. It is good on any smooth surface! You can add safety to your bicycle helmet, skateboard helmet, roller skate helmet, work helmet, bicycle, motorcycle, and car!


Additional information

9 Reflective Colors

Reflective Red, Reflective Orange, Reflective Yellow, Reflective Gold, Reflective Green, Reflective Blue, Reflective Purple, Reflective White, Reflective Black


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