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This Week at Seward Street – Dec 29

1215 Seward Street Studios moai Easter Island Head vinyl decal shown in reflective purple vinyl
1215 Moai Easter Island Head in reflective purple

It's the last week of 2021, and it's always very quiet the week between Christmas and the new year, so not a whole lot to report this week.  Our marketing is planned out through April, if you want to be notified of our sales, please sign up for our mailing list.  We have added back in about 40 retired designs to our Etsy shop, and there are 4 new additions to our web site.  And I figured out how to replace the faucet on our bathroom tub.  Just chugging along.

The cool customer order this week is an Easter Island Tiki Head in purple reflective vinyl.  When I researched the Moai heads for this design, all the illustrations had the faces all angry and dour.  But the heads themselves are not all cranky.  So I gave mine a little smile to make him more contemplative.

New Additions
We have added 4 new designs this week, a cute Beagle Face, a Hockey Goalie Mascot, a Peekaboo Husky, and a Peekaboo German Shepherd.

925 Seward Street Studios Beagle decal shown on a red tablet
925 Beagle
1163 Seward Street Hockey Goalie Dog decal shown on a blue tablet
1163 Hockey Goalie Dog
1194 Seward Street Peekaboo Husky decal shown on a fence background
1194 Peekaboo Husky
1147 Seward Street Studios Peekaboo German Shepherd decal shown on a fence background
1147 Peekaboo German Shepherd



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