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This Week at Seward Street – Dec 15

1235 Seward Street Studios Gnome vinyl decal shown in green and red reflective vinyl
1235 Gnome decals shown in green and red reflective vinyl

This week has been all about getting orders out as fast as we can so they have as much chance as possible to arrive in time for Santa. It’s always a hectic push just before the big day!

The cool customer order is from a couple weeks ago, but I have been holding it for this post. It was an order for 2 of our Garden Gnome decals in reflective vinyl, one in red and one in green. I am certain this pair will brighten their holidays!

New Additions

We have added 2 new designs this week, a cute pair of mushrooms and a majestic Pegasus.

1268 Seward Street Studios Pegasus Mushroom decal shown on a purple car
1268 Mushroom
1184 Seward Street Studios Pegasus Decal shown on a purple tablet
1184 Pegasus


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